We have worked with other distributors and studios over the years and had never heard of Deep C Digital before, but I am so glad that we signed with John Kim at Deep C Digital. John has done a wonderful job searching for all possible revenue stream sources for our film and keeps us consistently informed as to new avenues to explore. We have come to trust John and his team to get the job done and he has done it well.
Randy Chapman

Co-Producer, Crazy on the Outside

John has a practical deep-seated knowledge of the many platforms available. The connections he has gave me the confidence I could trust him with our film…and I was not disappointed. Deals of all types on a wide variety of platforms have lifted our receipts higher than we had been receiving from a major studio.
Steve Foster


Deep C Digital is the distributor of my film AMAZING RACER. John Kim has delivered the film to the market successfully and has done so in a very professional and organized manner. He has vetted all of the buyers and has delivered on all sales. Deep C Digital has collected funds and delivered those fund to my account and has given me documentation and reports on time. I highly recommend John Kim and his distribution company Deep C Digital.
Frank E. Johnson ASC

FEJ Productions, Inc.

“John Kim is not only an expert in his field but a true gift to the industry! His upstanding character, unwavering commitment, strong integrity and dedication to his clients is priceless!”

Mary Jean Bentley

Producer, Fort Worth Studios

Through a seemingly random encounter (pun intended), I met John and his company, Deep C Digital, at a trade industry panel while looking for new avenues to market my film, Random Encounters with Meghan Markle. John came across extremely knowledgeable and he seemed like he was a real go-getter, a David among goliaths, if you will. I could tell that he had integrity, which is hard to find in this business. But most importantly, I felt he would give my film the attention and strategic focus that I wanted. That was 4 years ago and I am still surprised at the new platforms he puts my films on and the great mailbox money that he sends me monthly. I highly recommend John Kim and Deep C Digital!

Shirley Kim, Esq.


I am immensely grateful for the invaluable partnership we’ve forged with Deep C Digital. Under John’s guidance, our independent feature seamlessly connected with mainstream platforms, showcasing his remarkable skills in navigating the intricate landscape of the film industry. The impact of his assistance extends far beyond a mere boost in revenue; it has significantly amplified the reach and resonance of our film’s message, exposing it to a broader and more diverse audience.
Deep C Digital will definitely be a partner for all our future films.
Judd Brannon


I had an outstanding experience working with John Kim and Deep C Digital to distribute my Tubi Most Popular film- “STEP DAD”. John provided exceptional transparency in his customized distribution strategy while upholding all promises with integrity and ensuring fair compensation. He provided timely metrics updates, and ultimately achieved better distribution and financial results than I had hoped. I wholeheartedly recommend John as an ethical, results-driven distribution partner for any filmmaker seeking to protect client interests while driving value on both sides.
Sean Hunt

Servant Productions Inc.

Deep C Digital is by far one of the best content distributors I’ve ever encountered as an independent filmmaker. I truly thank John Kim for renewing my faith in honest content distributors. Also, my films can now be seen on some of the most popular streaming platforms today. I hope to continue growing my content viewership and profits in 2024 and beyond. Thank you!

Lamont Gant


I’ve placed several films for digital distribution
with John Kim at Deep C Digital. As an independent film producer, it is crucial to find an honest distributor.

John is that rare person. He is helpful in the process of onboarding a title, provides transparent monthly statements, and pays revenue monthly as well.

This is a most unusual and greatly appreciated business practice. I’m very happy that my relationship with John and Deep C Digital continues to successfully grow, year after year.

William Shockley

Partner, Tiki Tāne Pictures

After many years of frustration with other distributors and aggregators, working with John Kim at Deep C Digital has been a dream come true. John’s business practices are top notch and he is constantly contacting me to let me know about new, profitable outlets he has found for my movies. He has my highest recommendation.
Brett Monk

Mount Hideaway Mysteries

Big shoutout to John Kim and the Deep C Digital crew! Their expertise has taken my films and those of my filmmaker friends to new heights. John’s leadership ensures a smooth and reliable distribution process, plus the fact that he pays on time and collaborates seamlessly with independent filmmakers makes Deep C Digital the ultimate choice for success in the industry. My key suggestion is to brace yourself for the honest truth about your movie. John prioritizes financial success and will undoubtedly provide candid feedback on the most effective way to sell your film.
Arthur Muhammad

Netflilx and BET licensed Producer/Director

Deep C Digital has been distributing our catalog of films for multiple years now and they do an excellent job with distribution, communications and payments. John Kim the owner is very professional and always keeps us informed of new distribution channels and opportunities. We really appreciate their monthly payouts that are timely, easy to read and most importantly accurate. If you are a film production company seeking a reputable and above board distributor for your films I would highly suggest working with John Kim at Deep C Digital.
Rick Jenkins

ScreenMagic Films

Deep C Digital was recommended by a filmmaker that I know and trust. It’s so hard to find a distributor that is honest and reliable, and I’m so grateful we went with John and his team. Our delivery was smooth and we’ve been steadily receiving checks, every month. John has also come to us with ideas on how to make more money with our title, like dubbing into different languages. I would highly recommend Deep C. Digital.
Jessica Sonneborn

Drawn Into The Night

Thank God for John Kim, we have three films produced and distributed and we have had terrible experiences in the past ranging from royalties not being paid and collected, films not being promoted and bogus marketing and advertising expenses that were simply a way to steal from us.

John is a man of integrity, skilled in promoting and distributing our projects strategically. He pays on time every time. He communicates quickly and efficiently.

We’re very thankful for our relationship with John and would ecstatically recommend him to everyone.

Scott Pryor,


John Kim has a reputation that surpasses few skilled colleagues in his field, and his name is respected across entertainment companies, studios, and platforms. For our film, Divided Hearts of America, there was no one equal to John Kim that we could have worked with. The most treasured and rare qualities that John Kim possesses, are his clear vision, his work ethic and most of all, his integrity. I have referred colleagues to Deep C Digital many times and will continue to do so. John Kim is extraordinary, personally and professionally. Our teams have been deeply grateful to work with him.
Elizabeth Kennedy Ryzewicz (Betsy)

Principal and Producer, Howlands Entertainment, LLC

John Kim and Deep C Digital has been the greatest thing to happen to all of our films that he distributes for us. Getting these films on all the different platforms has been a game changer.
It’s been a pleasure working with Deep C Digital now and in the future.
Mike Norris


“We love working with Deep C Digital… One of the few honest distribution companies in Hollywood!!!”

Marc Wax

Netflix Licensed Producer

“Deep C Digital is one of the best in the business. They are completely connected with all the major platforms and very much on point about maximizing a profit on your investment with your film release. They get the job done with no excuses and a company that earns your trust with strong communication on what direction to get your film in the best avenues to succeed. I love Deep C Digital and couldn’t ask for a better team to represent my projects.”
J Man

Producer / Director

“John Kim’s reputation as an indomitably energetic and enthusiastic person, and his overall breadth of knowledge in the distribution of Film and Television is renowned in the industry. John and his team at Deep C Digital were able to draw from a wealth of experiences as well as their extensive knowledge of platforms and companies to create a dynamic distribution plan for our film, DIVINE WILL. John’s approach is characterized by open communication, responsibility, accountability, and collaboration. We enjoyed so much watching our film find its place on a multitude of streaming platforms gaining awards, accolades and, most importantly, audiences! We would not be where we are today without the expert service and special attention we received from John Kim and Deep C Digital.”
Ken Jones

Executive Producer , Table for Five Productions and Mark Riddle, Founder, Little Heart Entertainment

Unlike other sales agents who do not do what they say they will do, John has gotten us a large amount of digital and streaming distribution including some outlets we would have never had access to without John’s relationships. Best of all, John pays what he agrees to and pays quick!
David A Stone

Founder of Intrigue Films

“Deep C Digital has left no stone unturned in supporting our films. John finds digital platforms we’ve never HEARD of—which have delivered revenue beyond our expectations. Once DCD picks up a title they are relentless in pitching, imaginative in positioning, and intensely focussed on results. John is also very candid, and deeply ethical. Did I mention he pays MONTHLY?”

Rock on buddy—we’re glad to be part of your roster!

Wayne Zeitner

Crown Entertainment

I have worked with John Kim at Deep C Digital on distributing three of my movies and he has been able to place them on popular streaming services as well as new platforms I didn’t even know existed. He always gets back to me quickly when I have questions and is prompt with payments as well. If you want a great partner for independent film distribution then dive in with Deep C!
Matt Wilson


“Deep C Digital is the gold standard in movie distribution. I can sleep better at night knowing that my distribution is taken care of.”

Nick DiBella

Netflix Licensed Producer

“I have worked with a number of distribution companies over the last 12 years and nobody compares to Deep C Digital as far as follow up, sales reporting, payment, and trustworthiness!”

Neil Harrington

Lifetime Licensed Producer

“Deep C Digital is the most trustworthy, new media savvy, and diligent distributor I have ever worked with in more than 20 years in the film industry.”
Salvatore Vincent Zanninol pga,

Producers Guild America, Emmy@ winner 2015 & 2016

“Over the past 5 years, I have produced 25 films and used a number of different distributors, but Deep C Digital is by far the best for its timely and detailed sales reporting, payments, industry expertise, and most importantly, trust. You will be happy with Deep C Digital and his tagline says it all– “Distribution With Integrity”!
David Garcia,


John from Deep C Digital is honest, up front and responsive – the polar opposite of many in the distribution world. He pays out on time and with transparency and allowed our film to unlock revenue streams we never would have without him. Highly recommended.

Dan Mark,

Principal, King Street Pictures

Deep C Digital is by far the most innovative sales agency I have worked with. John Kim is a man of integrity, and lives and breathes digital media sales. John has reliably secured a continuing stream of great broadcast sales for our film. He loves films and supporting filmmakers. I have worked with a number of distribution companies through my career and there is no comparison to the attention that both I and my films get from John. If the streaming services and broadcasters even like John half as much as I do then the film is in good hands.

Thanks to Deep C Digital, my film has played all over the world.

John is personal and gets back to me immediately. There is a transparency and positive energy in the communication flow which is both comforting and inspiring. It is very refreshing to have somebody who cares so much and inspires me to keep creating.

James Hutson,

Director/Producer, Dark Harvest

“John has been an indefatigable advocate for our feature film and has secured more sales and revenue than we were able to obtain based on the efforts of our own team and those of one of our film’s main actors. John is prompt in reporting and transferring funds and we could not be happier with our partnership with him!
Production Team,

Waiting For The Miracle To Come

Deep C brought us a whole new clientele that we had been trying to connect with for years. Their connections in this business have been unmatched. He has brought income from sources we hadn’t thought possible!
George Ford

Fireplace for Your Home

John Kim is a unicorn in film distribution — an expert you can absolutely trust to do everything he possibly can to maximize your revenue. It’s so rare in this business to find an honest partner that will not only give it to you straight but who also consistently over-delivers. His client service, attention to detail, and follow-through are outstanding!
Nathan Nazario,


“We are truly blessed to have a man with such knowledge , honesty and integrity spearheading our distribution.

Alan Autry

Pureflix Licensed Producer, Former Mayor of Fresno, Actor (In The Heat of the Night, The A Team)

I have been an independent producer for 10 years, I have had some very painful lessons in distribution. John Kim has always been straight forward with me, and treated me with respect.

John Kim champions any film or producer he represents, he is very rare in the distribution world. I can not speak highly enough of him.

Una Blade


“I worked with Deep C Digital for the last 3 years and I have been impressed by his follow through and his ability to find paying outlets that others do not even know about. I trust Deep C Digital and that is a rarity in the movie distribution business.”
Producer, BMG

Having worked in production for over 32 years, I can say that John Kim is an absolute pleasure to work with. John and his crew at Deep C Digital are professional, reliable and honest, constantly finding new sources of revenue for our title. He did everything that he promised, and more. I could not be more pleased with his work.
Brett Gregory

Producer, Crazy on the Outside

“I’ve been in the movie business for over 40 years. I would put Deep C Digital at the top of my list of companies I’ve ever worked with. John and his company are the only people who I’ve worked with that are honest, make great deals, give you great advice, and actually make you money. “
Robert Kranz

Netflix Licensed Producer

Deep C Digital represent our library of LGBTQ+ feature and episodic titles in the US and internationally. We have been extremely pleased by their efforts – securing placement on key platforms like Tubi and Peacock. Regular reports and payments have surpassed our expectations – it’s an excellent level of transparency, and a distributor you can trust. Highly recommended.

Ric Forster

Lilydale Films